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Birthday is the Brightest day of celebration of our life. On this wonderful occasions of great Birthday Wishes and Birthday Poems For Friend. A Friend is like as true brother/sister. The main important thing is to use a Birthday is a chance to celebrate life and enjoy the opportunity to be friends and with family. A Friend is the god’s gift to the whole worldwide. We send the Birthday Poems with your Friends posted on a Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+. You just think of all the cute memories and fun moments of your great Friendship. We would like to share the Happy Birthday Poems For Friend. 

Birthday Poems For Friend

List Of Birthday Poems For Friend

We mentioned here {*Best*} Happy Birthday Poems For Friend please do read this Birthday Poem and share with your Friend.

Sweet Birthday Poems For Best Friend

Dear Friend,

Birthday Poems For Friend,

Not only your Birthday,

But each day the whole year through,

I feel so very good,

To have a sweet Friend like you,

You meant too much me,

My heart is filled with happiness,

As long as you will be there,

And is on your Birthday,

I would like to say,

This very special relation we have,

Friends are like great to find,

When we meet I know we were,

Each and every moment we spend together,

Are ones which always I swear,

But on this day I want to say,

My Great Friend for you.

Wish U Happy Birthday To You!


Oh! My Dear Friend,

May your Birthday is,

The correct time to greet you only the best,

Of health, wealth, happiness, and peace.

You are my moonshine in memories,

But your company has the brighten each and every day,

I can give lot of hugs and cool wishes,

A special friend is like from god’s gift,

But you were great support,

What would I have done,

Throughout all the years,

But I send the most birthday greetings,

To make you happy in any way.

Some Friends are gifts forever,

Being your friendship is  pleasant way,

May you get everything that you wish for,

A real wish from my end.

Have a nice Friend.

Funny Birthday Poems For Boyfriend


Hey! My Dear Friend,

Greetings on your Birthday,

Always comes real,

That is why I,

Wish you very best way,

But I hope that you achieve,

Anything you search,

There should be ever moment,

In your valuable life,

Our friendship is no explained in words,

It can be measured with so many things,

May our friendship is like as rose flower,

It’s so sweet, cool and happy.

 On your Birthday,

I would like to pray for god .

And gives to good blessings for you,

It adapts according to situation, matter,

But our friendship is taste as cool cake.

Happy Birthday To My Friend!

Dear Great Friend,

Happy Birthday to true friend,

With you, I just don’t need to pretend,

But you know what’s on your mind,

You are so unique and kind,

Because I am so lucky,

You are my real friend,

Today is the prettiest day,

For your Birthday party and fun,

Both of you together in park,

Special friends, we are some special to one,

And we promise that day is happiness.

You want to make to feel to your wealth,

 And the process gives your life is a miracle.

A friend like you sweet and warm,

You deserve that day of celebration,

And no rules and instructions,

But you have the ability to get a smile on your face.

Have A Memorable Friend.

 Crazy Birthday Poems For Friend


Dear Best Friend,

Birthday is come and goes every year

Today is yours, so doesn’t fear,

Communications fill you’re any other friends,

We have just joined you since here,

let’s share our funny jokes and laughs,

We will be always your group,

Some friends are seen,

How long has it truly been,

To the one person, I swear most,

The one who helped to me,

When I need to you,

But you are always open.

I hope you love day come soon,

A cute girl enters into your life,

But you can keep to your tune.

I Wish You Awesome Happy Birthday Friend!

Oh! my Dear Friend,

Make innovative Friends,

But kept the old,

One is gold and platinum,

Among whole life as valuable jewelry,

Very rare and unique,

That only calls your friendship,

Because has worth beyond compared,

That makes you diamond friend,

There are some small and large ships,

Because the best ship is a great friendship.

I have more friends,

But I would like as all friends,

Friendship triples enjoy and fun,

True friend is blessings for your soul,

And you realize that good friendship,

And it is a precious gift.

Wish Many More Happy Returns Of the Day!

Dear Sweet Friend,

Yesterday was a day to remember,

For it gave me friend But I can never forever ever,

Today I look to forward to your Birthday,

And celebrate is alike as holiday,

Tomorrow I see an most important day of your life,

A gift when I think makes me,

feel as extremely nice,

Happy Birthday to my Friend.Birthday Poems For FriendBirthday Poems For Friend

Birthday Poems For Friend

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