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Birthday is the great celebration of everyone’s life. Poems are touch with heartful words. Birthday Poems For Wife to greet her on this Birthday. Birthdays are special days. Birthday is coming and goes every year. A birthday poem for wife is a wonderful gift in the world. Your Wife’s Birthday is doing you something different. I would like to share the Birthday Greetings posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Whatsapp. You must choose a birthday wish poem greetings is a nice romantic gift. I will start the day with a sweet hug and see into your eyes. A good poetry is a romantic way to make your loved one’s Birthday Celebrations is a forgettable experience. We would like to share the Sweet Happy Birthday Poems For Wife.

Birthday Poems For Wife

List Of Birthday Poems For Wife

We mentioned here Happy Birthday Poems For Wife please do read this Birthday poem and share with your Wife.

Crazy Birthday Poems For Wife

Birthday Poems For Wife

Dear Wife,

You are my dearest Wife,

Today and tomorrow will be different,

But In every way and anyway,

As the mood will be lamp,

Keeping troubles at say,

It will be special to see you,

Smiling from eyes to eyes,

Along with all family,

With all those near and dear,

That is how he want to,

Every year for with me,

Olden days are filled with love,

And happiness, laughter.

Wish U Happy Birthday To My Wife! 

Hey! Great Wife,

When I come to thought of you,

But I can’t live without you,

I can even think of my own,

Without you when I all alone,

But I feel so sad and paralyze,

Because without you,

I feel frustrated and invalid,

But I am completely lost and aimless,

In your absent, there is no happiness,

In big, you are anything to me,

But you are just cute Wife.

I Love You To My Wife.

Oh! My Dear Wife,

From that day I see you,

But you stay in my soul,

And just only my wish,

That only will never expect with me,

Because I love you so much,

And I long ago for your touch,

But I am blessed an angel like you,

You make my bless,

So, start your special day,

With a romantic kiss,

Go and spread with lot of cheer moments,

Have a great lovely day,

But with you, I feel so good,

With you, I feel that I am myself,

Have a Blissful Day to my wife. 

Romantic Birthday Poems For Wife


Dear Sweet Wife,

Happy Birthday to my Sweet wife,

Who has become the entering my life,

I will always love when that day is there,

Because as it’s another chance to wait for you,

But you will choose as another funny moment,

Reminder of good embraces and childish memories,

And another day to thank god for,

 But another day to love you more,

May this day gets as beautiful memories,

That should be last life along.

Happy Birthday, My Darling Wife!

Dear special Wife,

On your special Birthday,

I wish you from my real heart,

 You have always been and forever will be,

The soul life of love.

Putting your arms cools my heart,

Kissing my lips, and ignites my soul,

I make a promise ever to depart,

Coming next year Birthday,

An extra candle shines up the cake,

Because you don’t need to count the candles,

So you now enjoy that day,

May your Birthday is the,

Forever best in your life.

Have A Nice Wife! 

Dear Great Wife,

All the precious moments,

That I have made until now,

But all the memories of life,

Which have made me go nice,

The circumstances when I had,

The Special time of life,

I only them to the one person,

To my sweetest wife,

The day you were born,

Was a great day indeed,

It allowed us meet,

Which was just what I’d need,

To send a life blessed with life,

Filled with love and joy,

And close be with as like a good partner,

Like brightening and wonder.

Wish You Happy Birthday Buoyancy.

Funny Birthday Poems For Wife

Dear Wife,

You are my true friend in all times,

And my rock in times of sorrow,

But you are my reason for cute today,

And my promise for yesterday,

But I never thought I could feel this loved,

Still, you became my love,

You and I made for each other,

The best of my life,

I love you always my wife.

My favorite place is on the earth is my heart,

And I would like to tell you,

On your Birthday,

That you are the world to me.

Happy Birthday To My Wife!

Dear Wife,

I am glad that I married,

A wonderful woman I liked you,

But one thing I will never forget,

Was said I will do,

You were apart from a special gift from you,

And I am also want to give you a hug,

Which will you show how much,

You make a good life,

Happy Birthday my darling wife.

Today on your twenty-fifth Birthday,

I felt like we have spent twenty-five years together,

Every conversation has been wonderful,

But every argument has seemed fruitful,

The many things that can you shared,

Birthdays are celebrated to reason.

To my dearest wife,

Today will be unique,

in every way,

As the mood will be light,

keeping troubles at bay,

It will be great to see you,

I Wish You Memorable Day Wife! 

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