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Birthday is the special celebration of everyone’s life. Let you know today is my Birthday, as you read this, Birthday Thoughts I will be on my way to the city to celebrate with some close friends. Birthday Thoughts are little things in our life. I especially like to think of myself as an unselfish person but there is always one day in the year where I allow myself a few selfishness. Birthday thoughts are posted on a Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Birthday is coming and goes every year. Happy Birthday is also best celebrated when it is coupled with soulful and sincere Birthday Thoughts and Birthday Wishes. We would like to share the best collection of Happy Birthday Thoughts.

Birthday Thoughts

List Of Happy Birthday Thoughts

Birthday Thoughts

We mentioned here Happy Birthday Thoughts please do read these Birthday Thoughts and share with your friends and family members.

Birthday Thoughts And Wishes 

Birthday Thoughts

Happy Birthday! Celebrate your special day today. Because celebrate being happy and cheerful every day. Birthday Thoughts!


May your greatest day is filled with lots of happy hours of fun and your life may be filled with lots of Birthdays. Happy Birthday!


I can count my best friends on my hand but I can’t with the candles on your Happy Birthday cake.


May your day be filled with beautiful and exciting surprises. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you. 


Happy Birthday! I hope this Birthday of yours gives you lifelong memories that you can cherish and savor in all the days to come.


Let you wish that the year ahead of you be filled with so much love and glee. Many more happy returns of the day. 


Happy Birthday! Wish you a Happy Birthday to you my best friend who is a now a year older but not a year clever than me. 


Your age is officially off the calendar now but your beauty is still off the charts. Have a colorful Birthday!   


This day is as special as the one who is celebrating his Birthday today. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you.


A beautiful Birthday celebration for a beautiful man I like you. Many more happy returns of the day! 


I would like to wish that this year will be the start of the greatest journey for you. Have a special Birthday! 


It is your special day. Have a day off and enjoy this day because you deserve it the most. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Thoughts

Birthday Thoughts For Brother

Birthday Thoughts Brother

Soar up high with a cute face full of smile. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday! I hope that you will float with extreme happiness on your Birthday.


Dear Brother! Your age is getting older but your face seems to be getting younger each and every year. Happy Birthday!


Sending you my wishful thoughts on your Birthday. I love you too. Happy Birthday, Brother!


Happy Birthday! Loving you to have a bolder and bigger year ahead. Be strong, be cool, be loud, be you.


Dear Brother! I keep track of your age so don’t you ever lie to others or else I will bust you. Happy Birthday!


Where ever you are, may you have a glorious day today on your Birthday. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you. 


The beautiful person deserves the beautiful Birthday celebration forever. Happy Birthday, my Brother!


I would like to wish you to have a good health, happy soul, and enough wealth to treat us today. I love you too.


Happy Birthday! Few things I like the most about you. Because of you always a pizza, cool cake, and burger in your lunch box.


Don’t forget to say thank you for all the people who sing your Happy Birthday song and let me thank you for letting me celebrate with you.


A simple wish for a simple Brother who means the world to me. Many more happy returns of the day.


may your eyes be filled with tears of joy, and may your soul be filled with loving wishes. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Thoughts For Sister

Birthday Thoughts

Before you fall asleep tonight bear in mind that you have a best friend who is wishing you to have happiest Birthday forever. Happy Birthday!


Dear Sister! Spend this day with people who can and will make you laugh for this is your special day. I love you too.


Oh! My Dear Sister! May you are such a wonderful person with a wonderful heart. Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday, Sister! Keep in mind that you are such a great person and you are loved by many and I am one of those. 


I am honored to light the candles on your Birthday cake because it feels like I am lighting your path ahead. Happy Birthday!  


Dear Sister! Spread your unconditional love to many people who’s about to became a part of the new chapter of your life. 


This is the special day to take a break to say that I am wishing you forever joy and best of luck and glee for you every day.


To have a sister like you is to find a treasure in your life. Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve all the best. Happy Birthday!


My Dear Sister! I would like to wish good luck and your special day. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you.


 There is a place that gives me strength, support, and inspiration. On your special day, I am sending you a big loving hug and best wishes.


I am glad that we are not just sisters, but good friends as well. Many more happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Thoughts Sister

Birthday Thoughts For Friend

Birthday Thoughts

 Your age will make you older but at the same time it will make you wiser and bolder. Happy Birthday.


I would like to wish that heavens will give you the strength to blow those many candles on your Birthday cake. Have a colorful Birthday!


May the happiness that you are looking for so long arriving today on your Birthday. Happy Birthday!


Best things are about to come your way so be ready, for the mean time let me greet you a Happy Birthday.


 Happy Birthday! Keep in mind of how many we are who adore and cherish you and we too shall treasure all the memories with you.


I would like to wish that you will already find your better half, so go hurry now for he might be waiting for you.  


A healthy soul is all I wish for you. This day I hope you will be at your happiest. Have a special Birthday! 


My universe may go blind if I keep you out of my mind. so here’s a tender wish for you sweet bliss, stay caring and loving.


  Happy Birthday! I can’t imagine my life if you were not born in this world. Many more happy returns of the day.  


Have a blast on your day for it only last today. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you.


I wish that this day will be extra special, extra happy and extra memorable. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Thoughts

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